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I was wanting to use LoadGen to call an orchestration exposed as a wse web service.  In the documentation it covers a set of elements for the WSE Transport which will create a username token for the WSE call.  I wanted to however use Kerberos so this is what I did.

1. Amend the LoadGenConsole.exe.config file to include the config section for WSE.  I also included the element to point to a policy cache file.

2. I set up a policy cache to have the appropriate config to call a wse web service with Kerberos

3. I then used the below command

cd "C:\Program Files\LoadGen\Bins"
runas /profile /env /user:domain\username "LoadGenConsole.exe C:\LoadGen\BizUnitGetAdhocData.xml"




I have noticed a few sites that seem to copy the content of blog articles and display them in their own site.  It is a bit annoying that they do not clearly reference or acknowledge the author so I have decided to put this note on the bottom of all of my posts from now so it is clear who wrote it.

This article was written by: Michael Stephenson

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The key point here was the run as command. Originally I ran it without this and got one of the common WSE security context errors indicating a credential had not been passed.  I changed my command to include the run as to execute the command as a specific user and it seemed to start working fine.

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can u pls attach your config file for loadgen????
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