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    I am currently on a medium - large sized project where one of the things we are planning to do is use BizTalk and Web Services.  Within the architecture we have plans to support credential flow across tiers.  It has proven quite difficult to get this working and then doing things with BizTalk has added an additional twist which also proved tricky.


    During the course of working on resolving our issues and also setting up these proof of concepts I have found that there is useful information out there on the web but it is mainly for web services, there isn't much about using BizTalk and WSE/Kerberos.


    My adventure started when I was trying to implement a requirement to sign and encrypt messages send to a BizTalk Web Service generated by the WSE Adapter using a Kerberos Token.


    Eventually after a lot of help from Microsoft I have been able to resolve my issue.  I have now decided to do a series of posts which will aim to describe some of what we have done, provide links to useful things I have come across during my time on this and also some troubleshooting on some of the problems we have encountered.


    I aim to produce the following posts in my Kerberos Adventures Series





    POC Overview

    Details about the different proof of concepts we did to validate all of the different scenarios we require.

    Useful Links

    Some links to articles and blogs which will provide useful background information

    Useful Tools

    Links to tools which were useful to help troubleshooting this implementation

    Problems - Error Consuming a service from an XP Client on service pack 2

    Details of the problem and how we solved it

    Problems - Credentials not delegated the User is null

    We had some problems in delegation and this describes the problem and how it was solved

    Problems - The handle for the current process could not be retrieved

    This was an error we had with a BizTalk web service exposed using the WSE 2 adapter      

    Problems - WSE Publishing Wizard does not generate KerberosToken2

    When generating the web services policy it uses KerberosToken not KerberosToken2  


    (Click on the article title to link to the page)





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