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Do you recognize the picture below as your mp3 music library? Then read on and download for free!


(picture 1. Before)

I've made a small tool that can help you organise your mp3 files just like you want. MapMP3 creates a folder tree like artist - album -title.mp3 for every mp3 file in the folder where it is executing. In first case the tool reads the required information from the ID3 TAG's in your files, but if there was no ID3 TAG found on a file, or it was simply not providing all the required information, than it tries to extract the missing information from the current file name.

The tool is simple, fast and powerfull. After installing it you can just call it on a command prompt window, everywhere, in any location. It can handle directories with +7000 files located in it without any trouble.


  (picture 2. MapMP3)

Options are no option. It's just that simple. Just run, and reorganise your music archive as you ever wanted it should be. See the picture below for the results.


(picture 3. After)

MapMP3 is build on the .Net Framework (2.0). That's the only prerequisite it takes. Most times this Framework is already installed if you run Windows Updates regular, but for the case it isn't I have deployed MapMP3 in to setup variants. One including the .Net Framework (2.0) and the other one without.

See the links below to download.

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