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Today, Microsoft has released a new CTP version of their NDoc clone 'SandCastle'.

I was not able to play around with it today, but I'm sure that I'm gonna do this in one of the upcomming days.

Previous releases have delivered me a lot of frustrations and 'Why did you guys release this unstable crap so early' feelings. Near the fact that NDoc is not in development anymore and that it's dying slowly and quiet, are these feelings a reason to me, to be curious about this new release.

Sow if you are able to play around with it and stick some usefull time on it, please let me know your experiences about that.

You can download SandCastle over here.

[UPDATE 6-23-2007]

Since I'm using Erik Woodruf's SandCastle GUI, for a "better and easier user experience", instead of using SandCastle straight from console, I'm not able to test the new release before monday, june 25th. See the comments on this issue on codeplex.

When the SandCastle GUI is updated too, I'm surely gonna play somewhat with the new SandCastle.

Stay tuned folks. Posted on Friday, September 14, 2007 10:51 AM | Back to top

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