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I came across an interesting item this morning.  I need to deploy web.config changes to a MOSS 2007 farm.  After hearing many people including Ted Pattison speak about this in various sessions at the Office Developers Conference, my initial reaction was "Great, now I can make web.config modifications using a SPFeatureReceiver and the SPWebConfigModification class.  Additionally, this is discussed in detail here:

and Here:

However, I began thinking a little more in depth about this and something occurred to me...If I am trying to make modifications to a configuration file so that these items can be changed without compliler dependencies, that is, with needing to rebuild and redeploy my code, why in the world would I build an assembly as a SPFeatureReceiver, strong name it, deploy it as a feature to the GAC, that just holds configuration information?????   That seems to break the whole model of the purpose of a configuration file and configuration settings which are not compiler dependant. 

So I looked further and found that you can deploy web.config changes to the 12\CONFIG directory.

That really made my day, except that WSPs specifically target the 12\TEMPLATE directory and not anything above this directory such as 12\CONFIG.  Now, I fully appreciate that I probably don't know what I'm talking about so if anyone can point me in the right direction regarding a managed deployment strategy for config files to the 12\CONFIG directory using SharePoint solutions, I would be more than greatful, otherwise I will build a wix installer which will accomplish the same thing, only must be run on each server in our farm.

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You can build a solution that deploys files to the 12\CONFIG folder.
You must use
<RootFile Location"CONFIG\webconfig.toto.xml" />

in your manifest.xml file.
Left by Gat on May 08, 2008 4:53 PM

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