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Its been a while since I blogged. Its been hard balancing blogging time, work and many other activities. Most my days and even evenings have been cluttered with a number of tasks ranging from mundial to critical. There is some which have been most interesting include very nice lessons I took from from some of the people I respect in the industry. I will try and highlight some of the things I did in below.

1) The DataObjects.NET contribution programme.

From February this year I quickly responded to the contribution programme to DataObjects.NET which was announced by Dmitri I took up the task of developing the provider for MySql for DataObjects.NET and a new section of programming was opened for me. The first was some of the interesting coding patterns,including the translator pattern among others. I had some mental gymnastics trying to distil the content which enables SqlDom to simply spit valid SQL for a particular RDBMS, but it was not without a benefit. I completed the provider and of course Dmtri was true on his word, he sent me a license. There has been a number of development tasks that Dmitri has undertaken with his team to ensure that the provider fits very well to the DataObjects.Net infrastructure.

After working on the MySql provider I was excited, I have decided to take up some other parts of the ORM and see if I can extend them, not just for me but for other developers who use DataObjects.Net. Well... if you have been reading up to this point you may wonder why I'm so excited about DataObjects.Net. Yes, I was impressed by the LINQ coverage and the usage simplicity. There are many features that make me like it more than any other ORM and I would write a number of posts describing the parts I like. I would suggest you visit for more details on their features.


Not so much here except the fact that I was doing a short course on Project Management using the PRINCE2 approach. It was quite interesting from the beginning but I quickly realised it was hard from the perspective in which the examiners ask questions. some of the questions are purely to test your English, which I found awkward. In most cases you had to have crammed the course book because you’d be asked to complete a sentence according to the way it appears on the course material. This I found quite weird because it does not promote understanding and deductively, but only exercises the temporary memory which is supposed to keep things in that level of detail, but after the exam you can re-allocate it for other stuff.

3) ICEA (Integrated Clinic Enterprise Application)

This EMR solution has been evolving. We implemented it in phases and the phase that I have been working on lately has been the TB module. You may wonder why TB (tuberculosis) is such a vital thing in an EMR solution that it warrants a module developed specifically for it. Well.. yes, it does. TB is a very complex disease and is has the highest cause of mortality among HIV/AIDS patients. It needs to be monitored closely and controlled. The use of information systems here should provide help in showing notifications, capture details of patients suspected to have TB, capture investigations and subsequent follow-ups. All this has to be coupled with normal clinic visits and diagnosis, counselling, lab ordering and prescriptions. So.. what you are looking at is a number of modules that are accessible to different individuals in a clinical setting and each one performs tasks relevant to their work, and the workflow and state of data is managed through the visit lifetime. The result is a unified system made up of different modules/plugins, but working in a coupled mechanism and allowing users and patients to have a well-defined workflow that's efficient. I presented this solution once again to the Health Research Forum and was excited that this solution has reduced the error rate which was 80% to 1% and the errors that were found were not significant to the healthcare of patient. I celebrated.

4) Uganda .NET Usergroup

I have been busy with the meetings every month. Its been so much fun, I have had developers from different technologies within the Microsoft stack and this has led to a broader view and better design choices among developers. Some of our talks have included Visual Studio 2010 + .NET 4.0, Windows Azure, NHibernate Internals, SOA using .NET, Aspect Oriented development, .NET Development frameworks among others. Last month we could not meet because of the riots and the violence which engulfed our normally calm city.

5) Microsoft ImagineCup

I chose the students from Makerere who had to go and compete in Kenya. I was very impressed with the vibrant ideas they had and the vision they had. The group had developed a system to help in drug adherence by making use of mobile phones, and that is not all. They also included a reminder system which synchronised the visit messaging to the medical provider and the patient. I was impressed. I noted that there had not been support for students by different stakeholders and that has made it difficult in th past for them to not only know about ImagineCup, but get facilitated to perform the activities that would enable them to win in the competition. I have aired this to the individuals at Microsoft and some Universities and monitoring the progress from a bird's eye view.

6) Research and Development

I will sort of unify the rest of the items I wave been working on under this title. Some of the things I have been researching and doing prototypes of, range from mobile network applications, Windows cloud applications, Windows AppFabric. I have also been following the AsyncCTP which has been released by Microsoft and think it is going to change our lives and the way users interact with software. I will be blogging about some of these things I have been working on and playing with. I can already see many applications becoming more responsive because of these new innovations.

7) Sports.

You may not know this. I started playing soccer. Ohh yes its true. I joined Farai Mwakutuya and his team and have been playing soccer every Saturday afternoon. The feeling has been good but very hard. I will not say much about about this but tell you that during my first game I was the first to send the ball to the nets.

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Malisa you've been a very busy geek!! I see you're still doing interesting work... Keep it up!
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