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I have been monitoring the site for a while, waiting to see the new release of DataObjects.NET because i have been looking for a very good ORM for .NET, something that would be better than ADO.NET Entity Framework and better than Developer Express XPO and better than CSLA by Rockford Lhotka.

One of the main problems i found by using stored procedures (used by Lhotka) as part of the architecture is that they are very limited in the number of parameters they can take. Especially in MS SQL Server. The access speeds are not very impressive when working with forms which have to retrieve data from many tables. I'm not quite sure whether there where changes in the maximum number of parameters in SQL/S2008. i have not installed it yet.

The pricing of DataObjects.NET is what shocked me. It goes for a hefty US$4,800 to release and its a once off price, no subscriptions, no contracts and updates are free. I read their documentation for 3.9 and downloded the Express Editions and it seems they have come up with a good product, but the price will not make it a very attractive product. What is the ROI of DataObjects?

The documentation for version 4.0 is still not yet complete and there are no demos yet, but some unit tests. The principles used support .NET framework 3.0, so you can enjoy using your generics, delegates, type inference, anonymous methods, lazy computations, LINQ and others.

For more information see

i will need some performance benchmarks on the different ORMs. My other concern is security and usability with ASP.NET 2.0+ membership provider. I cannot wait to see the DO Petshop application. It would be nice to see some AJAX in it as well.

I will try it on some sample projects and will be back with some feedback.

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# re: DataObjects.NET 4.0 ORM Released
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2 words... "nhibernate" and "free"
Left by Travis on Sep 04, 2008 1:32 AM

# re: DataObjects.NET 4.0 ORM Released
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CSLA is not an ORM framework. It is a business object framework. There is no reason you need to stick with stored procedures. You can use dynamic sql, Linq, an ORM product or anything else you want to access your data.

Your issue with stored procedures accessing many tables and running slow is not going to be fixed by an ORM. Your problem is more likely application and data model design. There is no reason stored procedures shouldn't perform and scale well.

I would spend a little more time optimizing the database and truly getting to know SQL Server before dropping $5000 on an ORM and hoping it will fix the problem. If you have problems in your database, they are going to extend all the way up, no matter what data access method you choose.

Good luck.
Left by Scott Kuhl on Sep 04, 2008 7:00 AM

# re: DataObjects.NET 4.0 ORM Released
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DO 4.0 is open source and GPL licensed. Commercial licenses varies from personal 300$ over SMB 2000$ to enterprise 5000$. But you can write a article and get a license for free.

You may take a look on my blog, i work on a upgrade library for DO 4.0:

Kind regards Tom
Left by Thomas Maierhofer on Nov 26, 2008 10:45 AM

# re: DataObjects.NET 4.0 ORM Released
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They are actually offering some discount. So if you did not get them a try just do it now! And the there are some nice features in the roadmap like syncronization.
Left by Anonymous on Aug 04, 2009 3:43 AM

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