Priority Manager–Part 1- Laying out the plan

Now that we have shown the EDMX with XPO/XAF and how use SpecFlow and BDD to run EasyTest scripts, let’s put it all together and show the evolution of a project using all the tools combined.

I have a simple project that I use to track my priorities throughout the day.  It uses some of Stephen Covey’s principles from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  The idea is to write down all your priorities the night before and rank them.  This way when you get started tomorrow you will have your list of priorities.  Now it’s not that new things won’t appear tomorrow and reprioritize your list, but at least now you can track them.  My idea is to create a project that will allow you manage your list from your desktop, a web browser or your mobile device.  This way your list is never too far away.  I will layout the data model and the additional concepts as time progresses.

My goal is to show the power of all of these tools combined and I thought the best way would be to build a project in sequence.  I have had this idea for quite some time so let’s get it completed with the outline below.

Here is the outline of the series of post in the near future:

  • Part 2 – Modeling the Business Objects
  • Part 3 – Changing XAF Default Properties
  • Part 4 – Advanced Settings within Liekhus EDMX/XAF Tool
  • Part 5 – Custom Business Rules
  • Part 6 – Unit Testing Our Implementation
  • Part 7 – Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and SpecFlow Tests
  • Part 8 – Using the Windows Application
  • Part 9 – Using the Web Application
  • Part 10 – Exposing OData from our Project
  • Part 11 – Consuming OData with Excel PowerPivot
  • Part 12 – Consuming OData with iOS
  • Part 13 – Consuming OData with Android
  • Part 14 – What’s Next

I hope this helps outline what to expect.  I anticipate that I will have additional topics mixed in there but I plan on getting this outline completed within the next several weeks. 


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