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desire_v_wildfire I had a HTC Desire for nearly six months. Sadly, about a week ago, it passed away. The desire was my first smart phone and I think it’s true what they say; the first love is the deepest.

HTC-DesireThe desire was an excellent phone, I have no complaints, but it was a mistake for me. I like to jump off boats, walk in the rain and generally not have to obsess about protecting an expensive electronic device. The desire was my business phone so once the autopsy was complete it needed a replacement quickly. I called my carrier and they told me I could have a new phone for $720. No thanks. So I went looking for a cheaper alternative that still has all of the features I require.

In the end I settled on the Desire’s kid brother, the HTC Wildfire. The wildfire is currently selling for less than half the price of the Desire. It is another Android/HTC Sense phone but with less memory, a slower processor, and an inferior screen.

The Good News About The Wildfire

1279650634-35Apart from 3d graphics and high-res video the Wildfire can do everything that the Desire can do; the Desire just does it better.

It can run apps, manage my email, surf the web, watch flash movies, make phone calls, use SMS and provide high speed internet access to my laptop. Also, the wildfire is a slightly more comfortable size, has significantly better battery life and a superior power button (the power button on the Desire is too easy to activate accidentally). For the price ($350) the Wildfire is a terrific smart phone.

Why I Wish I Still Had A HTC Desire

The wildfire’s interface is noticeably slower, the text rendering is awful and the reduced screen area occasionally causes problems on interfaces that were clearly designed for a larger screen. Of all the inferiorities of the wildfire it is the screen that bothers me the most. It simply looks terrible in comparison to the Desire.


With my current carrier both of these phones are available on a $49 plan, so you would be insane to chose the Wildfire. However, if I had to pay for the phone I’d get the Wildfire and give my wife the spare $450 to spend on something pretty.

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