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As I try and learn about all the available productivity features of R#, I will post what I learn here... for posterity and for anyone who might find it useful.AltInsertContext-Editor

AltInsertContext-SolutionAlt+Insert is used to generate code in the text editor window. If you are in the text editor, it will bring up a context menu to allow you to generate ctors, members and properties. If you highlight a place in the Solution Explorer and hit Alt+Insert, it will bring up a context menu for generating a class, interface or struct in that folder of the solution.




Another quick little tip for TDD people. This isn't really a R# built-in kb shortcut, but it seems to be a common one. In order to run unit tests based on your current context (if your mouse is in a test it will run that single test, if your mouse in in the fixture, it will run all tests in the fixture), you can map Ctrl+T to do that.AltT-UnitTest-ContextRun

on the Visual Studio Menu -> Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard

in the scrolling list, look for: Resharper.UnitTest_ContextRun

On the Use new shortcut in: drop down choose Text Editor. Put you mouse in the "Press shortcut keys" test box and type hit the ctrl key and the T at the same time. Ctrl+T should appear in the text box. Click Assign button.

Viola! It is very sweet. Thanks Troy and Dru!


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