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Last Friday I took 3 exams to update my resume again.
The exams I took and which I all passed were:
                70-620 Configuring Windows Vista Client
                70-622 Microsoft Desktop Support – Enterprise
                70-351 Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server 2006,Configuring
So here my review of what I used to prepare for these exams.
Exam 620
The tools I used were Microsoft E-learning and U-certify Prepkit.
The Microsoft E-learning is a great way to interactively train yourself online and offline with the subjects that are needed for the exam. For me this was the first time I used this way of learning, and it was a good experience. You get all the subject presented in three different ways, Plain text, graphics and short video demonstrations. At the end of each course you will have a LAB where you can practice your skills on the trained subject. These labs are only available online, which I was missing since the most I used the e-learning while I was commuting on the train between home and my customer.
So for the following months I will keep on using this e-learning tools to update all my skills.
The U-Certify Prepkit was the other tool I used and it quite nicely surprised me.
In the past I was always negative about these kind of tools, they mostly where brain dumps of the exams, they were targeted to learn each possible question you would get on the exam, opposite to what you really need. But U-certify did a good job on this Prepkit.
For me the Prepkit was a way to be triggered to study subjects that I was missing without this tool.
It directed me to several parts in Vista that I didn’t even knew they were there, from all the test questions I just recognized two or three that were also covered in the Microsoft exam.
The Prepkit did exactly what I was expecting from it, triggering me to dive into the subjects that I wouldn’t have studied otherwise.

All in All I’m very pleased by the Microsoft E-learning and the U-certify Prepkit.
Exam 622
The Tools I used where Microsoft E-learning and a few MSPRESS titles.
The E-learning was verry helpful on this one and well since I had to study for the 620 and 622 the subjects for both exams just helped me to get a better feeling on all the topics.
Nothing really special to me about this exam.
Since the U-certify tool wasn’t released yet for this exam I was unable to use it here.
Exam 351
For this exam I was unable to do really any studying, it was missing preparation tools like e-learning
But since ISA server is one of the technology parts that always triggers my interest I wasn’t too worried that I couldn’t pass the exam.
But during the exam I got little worried, and I think this is exactly what a Microsoft exam shouldn’t be.
It almost seemed like it was a copy of the 2004 exam and was missing all the new things that are part of ISA 2006.
No questions about web farms or the new authentication options in 2006, and at one point I was shocked, I got a question where there was stated that I just did an in place upgrade of ISA 2000 to ISA 2006.
I might have missed something but like Marc Grote also mentioned on his Blog, this is not possible.
For me this exam was really disappointing, even though I passed it.
The score was lower than expected and also like Marc I had 0% on proxy chaining which I couldn't understand why.
I previously did several Beta exams and most of those seemed better/same than this exam.
But well It was a good day for taking the exams as it turned out since I passed all the exams. 
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That's pretty cool. I plan on taking the 351 this week if I can schedule it. We will see :)
Left by Eric on Dec 20, 2007 12:40 AM

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