History of Microsoft SharePoint

The Microsoft SharePoint team put together a very good blog post detailing the history of SharePoint.  They posted it on Monday, October 5, 2009, just a couple of weeks before the big SharePoint 2010 announcements they’ll be making at the SharePoint Conference.


My own history with SharePoint, going back to a proof of concept I did with SharePoint Portal Server 2001, isn’t nearly as happy as they describe.  What I do remember from eight years ago, was some of the very odd UI that it had.  (I think this stemmed from SharePoint’s data storage being based on Exchange.) If I remember right, you had a drive in Windows Explorer that exposed documents and other related bits, much like Exchange’s M drive.

I did love the idea of the search engine in SharePoint from 2001.  We pointed it to our internal file servers, Exchange, and some external websites and I was constantly amazed about having search results from all of these sources in one screen.  SharePoint 2007 still has this ability and I think this is still a great way to promote adoption of SharePoint within an organization.

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