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The definition of service is ‘an act of helpful activity’. We Information System workers are in the service industry. We supply a service; we design, we develop, we program and we maintain computer and networking systems. Since the very core of our duties is supplying a service why is it so many people in our industry seemingly know nothing about supplying good customer service? Why is it instead of helping our users/clients so many IT people act like they are being bothered?
If you brought your car in for repair and the service manager said, yeah just leave the keys, I will get to your car when I’m good and ready. Or if you went out to dinner and the server said, yeah you food on the counter, but I have to go take my break first – would you take it? Would you just sit there and allow someone to treat you like this? No you would not!!!
What makes us think users should be any different than we are? Users are consumers of our goods and services. Users are our customers and our clients. Without them we would not have a job.
Dale Carnegie said: There is only one way... to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it. If we take this simple idea and use it next time we are thinking “this guy’s an idiot” as we are explaining to him how to click on the icon, both that user and ourselves will have a better experience.
There is only one road to success – the positive road. All of us should check our negativity at the door and start treating our users, our customers and everyone we work with; with outstanding positive attitude.
Let’s together put the service back in customer service!
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