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The meeting started out with our own Marc Ziss telling us everything he learned at the MIX conference. He had video’s, examples and a lot of stories. The one thing that really stood out in my mind was what Microsoft and NBC are doing for the 2008 Olympics. You just wait! Never before has any company taken on such an undertaking! MS is going to supply 22,000 hours of streaming video via Silverlight. Viewers will be able to watch live streams, taped events, be able to pause during an event and come back, be able to jump around through different events and best of all it is FREE! This is the event that will change our lives. We developers better start learning SilverLight because once the CEO’s see what is available, they WILL demand it!
Our main speaker of the night was supplied by INETA. Ambrose Little gave a great discussion on User Experience; aka UX. Ambrose works for Infragistics. He talked about the development team, the process and how the end user feels about your software. One of the questions he asked was about how many people program things that work but the heck with how well the users like it. Surprisingly a couple of people said, as long as it works the user’s have to deal with it.
The idea behind UX is why would the end user work with your software if it is awkward or difficult to work with what makes you think the users are going to keep using it. In today’s business world there are thousands of us all working with the same toolset, getting the same ideas and programming basically the same functionality. So you need to stand out in the crowd! One way of doing that is develop with the user experience in mind.
One of the users asked where you should start; should we start with data design or should we start with the UI. Obviously there is no clear answer. Most of us do both, we make the data match our UI and we make the UI match our data.
The UX idealism is;
User centered design
Ux friendly methodology
Usability testing
Add free Pizza, the ability to talk with other top developers and of course talk with my buddies from the Mothership (Microsoft) and this was just another great meeting at (
Don't forget our next Code Camp is May 17, 2008 - 450+ geeks, 50+ sessions and lots knowledge sharing
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