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Friday we deployed a major milestone, albeit 3 years late. We finally deployed our main application in .Net 2.0. Years and years of requests to allow us to do so and another project requesting it did the trick.

So, after 427 builds, we sent the deployment package to the group that manages the servers. The deployment is split into 3 archives: 1) the web site, 2) the sql patches, and 3) the stored procedures. The dba ran the patches and was running the stored procedures when he called me at 8:30 to tell me he was getting an error. I thought this odd and asked him to run them again. He did so and as it turned out the tool that runs the stored procedures reported an error on the procs it was running. Somehow the DirectoryInfo.getfiles call returned the list of files ordered by last modified date. I'd never seen that. I also didn't see any documentation that explained the order or how to change it. I did make an Array.Sort() call and that fixed it.

It's just a good idea to never assume an order obviously.

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