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The Zune and XBox 360 are amazing pieces of hardware and software working together to make an amazing media experience.  Recently, I introduced Microsoft IPTV technology into my home and have loved every minute of that experience as well.  But now, Microsoft announces the next level of media experience with Surface (every blogger will mention it today).  It is definitely the most amazing machine and technology I have ever seen for the home and entertaining industries.  I have already been passing my Zune around with the On10 video of Surface this morning.  I can see tons of mashup possibilities with this.

On a side note, after watching the videos, is anyone else reminded of Batman Forever when Jim Carrey's character, Dr. Nygma, introduces the mind draining device that entertained the addicted Gotham residents while sucking their brains?  Just a thought...


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Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 8:14 AM Zune , Off Topic | Back to top

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