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Last August I blogged about Brandon's head size growing off the charts and having to go through test after test to see what the problem is. Today we met with the Neurologist after an MRI three weeks ago to talk about the results. He said Brandon is fine and that he will just have a larger head than most, but we shouldn't need to worry about the fluid around his brain anymore. This is a major relief for us and I am glad we can finally move past this.

To give you background on his condition, he has fluid around the outside of his brain inside the skull, but this is not "Water on the Brain" that you may hear about with Shunted children. That condition is fluid around the ventricles inside the brain. This "fluid" makes his head size larger than most children. Last August he was off the charts on head size at the 125th percentile and today he was in the 95th percentile and back on the curve.

Thanks for everyone's prayers and wishes over the year when we were going through the worst of it. Doctors were talking brain surgery before they knew what they know now and we were completely freaked out. Now we can get back to raising a normal kid with a larger than average head (because he is so smart).

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Hey Jeff, I wasn't around a year ago, but I am really happy to hear everything is ok. I would expect no less than a super smart kid from you, so I am glad to hear the doctors finally figured that out. :)
Left by tlacey on Jun 28, 2006 10:41 PM

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I am so glad to hear it Jeff.
Having two of my own, I know the worry the unknown can bring.
So happy, you have that behind you.
(Of course I still hold the opinion that he is going to be super genious)
Left by [C.B.W] on Jun 29, 2006 11:02 AM

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