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First off, I am sorry I pulled Jason to the front of the class with my previous entry; I was just trying to make a point.  As far as the main feed goes, this has been under review for some time because we know a lot of good information comes out of this site and feel it could be filtered better than we have done with one feed.  We still want to offer the non-”Greatest Hits” feed, so you will still be able to get all the content from this community, but with our growth into other realms outside of .NET development, categorization and filtering must take place to move forward. 

If you want to venture back to how was formed, myself and Cory Smith were both members of (now at the time.  Cory and I had got into a little tiff over VB.NET vs. C#.  This was one of the first big conversations we had in our blogging community that went back and forth.  There had to have been 10+ bloggers on one site talking about the same stupid irrelevant stuff.  ScottW felt something had to change and deleted Cory and my blog from the site to prove a point, this community was for .NET information, not .NET banter.   That night, I sat down for 10 hours and created the first GWB community site and launched as my blog.  Well after draining my energy trying to build administration tools, ScottW proposed that I launch a community edition of .Text.  We launched around PDC 2003 timeframe and promoted topics about yourself, geeky, or whatever.  We still have those principals and we feel we are doing a good job on not making the community bend to fit into a shell.

The point of this next phase of Strategery is purely for the readers.  We don’t feel offering alternative feeds to the global feed will affect our community as a whole, outside of letting us grow more rapidly (with the addition of registration).  I however want to stress my main goal on this community is to offer a forum for your thoughts, whatever they may be.  Geekiness lives in different realms of our everyday life, but when we get really technical and have something truly unique and special to offer the community, we feel if we can categorize that on the topic and place it with others messages like it, we will help you better deliver it to an audience that is tuned in specifically for that information.  I hope this helps outline my vision of GWB and clears the mud I left with my last post.


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Hey Jeff. First of all, you have absolutely no reason to apologize. I was mostly fuming and am somewhat level headed now. And second of all (not trying to sound too kiss butt here), keep up the great work. I do actually appreciate it, even if my rant seemed like I didn't.
Left by Jason Olson on May 12, 2005 2:47 AM

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