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Before, as many .Text community owners know, to add users to .Text you could either use a Console application or Query Analyzer.  The Console application was just a pain for me to use so every time a blogger made a request to become part of the community, I was in SQL then manually creating an email welcoming them with their username and password.  This process was very time consuming and frustrating.  However, with the new Strategery application we are working on, I have released the registration module and tool for administration.  Last night I added 14 bloggers in less than 2 minutes!  So if your friends or co-workers want a blog that they can get going quickly and qualify for this community, send them to the registration page.  We don't plan on making this a community project, because we want to make a unique community instead of “One of those .NET blogger communities.”

Posted on Friday, May 6, 2005 10:39 AM , SubText | Back to top

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