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Here are the links to my republished articles on Microsoft Academic Site.

ToString() or not ToString()?

ToString() or not ToString()? That is the question. One of the many misconceptions of the .NET Framework occurs when a developer adds characters to the end of a string after the string is created and expects the same concatenation to occur in memory. In reality, it doesn't happen this way.

Check Your Email With Style

Have you ever wanted to write your own POP3 email client? Well now you can with the help of my C# example. This article explains how to use .NET to connect to a POP3 mail server, and it provides the different commands to use with the server to get the results you want.

Transforming XML Into RSS

My previous article, "Translating RSS With XSLT," went over the steps of changing RSS into HTML. In this article, I will discuss the ability to convert XML into RSS using XSLT. You may be thinking, "Why would I want to do that?" With the example in this article, I hope to answer that question.

Translating RSS with XSLT

RSS, Real Simple Syndication, is an XML dialect used by bloggers to hold their channels and entries. Other sites use RSS to describe the content on a page or recent articles they have written. XSLT is a language used to transform XML documents into other documents. In this article, we will be transforming RSS into HTML. I will demonstrate how pulling and transforming information describes my articles.

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