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The Software Factories Toolkit June CTP is finally out and the key improvements in this release are:

- Recipe Designer with a redesigned user experiencie and round tripping support, so it could uses the .xml recipe files as is.

- T4 Templates Editor, an useful editor with colorizing, intellisense and support to preview transformation in design time.

- Multi package setup wizard, a recipe which generate a wix setup project with all the package contained in a solution. The most interesting thing here, is that you don't have to create differente setup project for each of your package any more. Now you can create a unified wix project, which could contain two or more guidance package and dsl tools packages. Get more information about this new feature in the Adrian's Blog. Tags:

- Dsl Recipe Binder, now you can specify bindings to recipes just doing a right click on your dsl designer surface and choossing a reference where the recipes will apply.

You can check the Victor's blog, there you will find an overview of the new features included in this drop.

You can get the latest SFT version here.

Posted on Thursday, June 7, 2007 11:28 AM Software Factories , GAX/GAT , SFT , T4 Templates | Back to top

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