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 Victor have tagged me, so.. here my 5 personal things...

- First, the classic... my first computer was a Texas Instruments 99 which had a *very* big floppy disk reader. I remember that it had a very big cable between the keyboard and the reader. Also I had another computers like Spectrum and the Commodore 64 until that in 1989 when my father bought me first PC. I started programing in Basic :P and continue with Clipper and C++.

- I worked in different things like book seller for two years, graphics designer and disk jockey (yes DJ, without comments pls).

- I like the dogs so, I have two Doberman and one of my hobbies is to train them on different things. They names are "Pedro" and "Diana"

- I have a sail boat which has a 29 feet. Few years ago I was sailing a lot of time with my father and friends. We made a lot of trips in the Argentine Sea (Brasil, Uruguay, Mar del Plata, etc). Unfortunately actually, I haven't to much time to do that.

- I have a daughter, she is 7 years old. I'm married with Raisa and we're waiting a son *Lucas* :)

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