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Last saturday I participated the Code Retreat organised by
There were 6 code retreats at the same moment arround the world. In Belgium, UK, Spain, USA and  2 in Romania.

We all had the same challenge, to implement the Conway's Game of Life. By writing beautiful code, using TDD .

For me, TDD is a new thing. I allready read about it, but thinking in a TDD way is really different and difficult. 
I met interesting people, and it was great to skype with the other Code Retreat around the world. We had people working the .Net framework (C# and, Java, Python, Ruby and it was great to work/test in other frameworks.

In the future I will try to apply some of the best practices defined by TDD, but it will be hard.

Thanks to Adrian Bolboaca, Erik Talboom and the other participants to introduce me in TDD.
Hope to see you again at one of the following Code Retreat.

You can check Code Retreat on twitter:  #coderetreat
Or on

Some pictures of the event in Belgium:

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Good to hear you have been infected :) For me the TDD adoption has been a slow one and I am stil not where I want to be. Good luck with it!
Left by Tom Pester on May 09, 2011 2:25 PM

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