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Last fall, I had the opportunity to re-factor a few projects that were beginning to suffer greatly from tight binding.  As a result of the tight binding, the extensibility of the various applications was becoming quite limited.  After evaluating several of the dependency injection container technologies available, I settled on the Unity Application Block.  While most of the dependency injection tools offer the same capabilities for at least basic injection and inversion of control, I chose Unity more from a non-technical viewpoint.  Being already familiar with Objectbuilder and the Microsoft Enterprise Library it seemed like a logical choice.  That being said, I’m certain the other tools would have done the job equally as well.

After also having co-founded the Frederick .NET User Group last fall, I decided to pursue another one of my ambitions and become more active in the larger software development community in 2009.  As the “call for speakers” announcement at the various regional code camps started coming out this year, I began submitting abstracts, one of which being my Unity Application Block - Dependency Injection and IoC talk.  After submitting the abstracts, I had the privilege to present Unity Application Block - Dependency Injection and IoC at the Roanoke Valley, Pittsburgh and Philly.NET code camps.  While each of the code camps possessed their own uniqueness, they all had rocked in their own way!  Now that the spring code camp season is in full swing, I’m posting the slides and code used during my talk on Dependency Injection and IoC.  I know the code camps each had their own code drops, but I wanted to insure there was one place attendees from all the code camps could get the materials.  The slides and code can be downloaded from here.  I was quite pleased at the amount of interest at each of the talks.  It was pretty evident that folks are really starting to utilize dependency injection tools to combat the inevitable changes that are constantly occurring in software requirements and design.        

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