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Following the tradition of the Software World [ The “Hello World” ritual :D ], let me say Hello to everyone !

I am Hemanth Pai. I am a Microsoft Student Champ pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication in PESIT, Bangalore. [wondering how an EC guy became a Microsoft Champ eh??]

This is the first time i am blogging. So dont really know how good i am at it !

My areas of interest [and well, expertise.... ;)]are:

ASP.NET, C#, Application Development for Windows Smartphone, Avalon (WPF), Indigo (WCF) & Windows Workflow Foundation.

Lots of interesting stuff coming up soon !

Do provide your feedback and help me blog better !

You can mail me at : (hemanthpai AT gmail dot com) 

Chao !                                                         


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Hi dude! Waiting to see you next post...
Left by Sunil Jagadish on Jun 06, 2006 8:27 PM

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