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I have my iPod Shuffle since yesterday and I still didn't manage to upload any song to it using iTunes v7.0.2 on Windows XP Professional x64. The problems started when I first connected the device and started iTunes. iTunes detected that the iPod Shuffle was running software version 1.0 but there was recent version of the software that contains several bugfixes so I upgraded the software. After 45 minutes or maybe longer the update got interrupted because the device was no longer attached (?). This is an issue that I have encountered numerous of times in Windows. I have an external harddisk that is always connected to my desktop computer but sometimes for some reason it just disappears and I then need to either reboot the PC or plug-out and plug the harddisk back in.

Back to the iPod Shuffle. Today I gave the update a second try and this time it took only a minute or so to perform the update, but I still have the problem of the device being disconnect for no apparent reason which is kind of frustrating. I then need to plug out the Shuffle and plug it back in so it is recognized in Windows (again).

Something I don't understand about iTunes is why the hell can't I just freakin' drag and drop my MP3 files on the iPod Shuffle playlist and have the iPod Shuffle automatically synced. Nevertheless I was very not amused when my girlfriend was listening to music on her iPod Shuffle after 5 minutes connecting it to her Apple iBook.

I don't care about branding, I just want stuff that works on the first go but lately I have the impression that Quality Control isn't what it is used to be!

Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2006 5:23 PM Windows , iPod , iTunes | Back to top

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Hi, I experienced exactly the same problems. I still don't know why, but somehow Microsoft decided to let some devices not work with xp x64 after finding out that there where circulating illegal copies of xp x64 on the internet. It affects both illegal as legal copies of xp x64

The fix to this is as follows:

connect your shuffle, then start iTunes (if not automatically). As long as the orange light on your shuffle is blinking it is connected. Go to the settings and click the lowest box to use it like a normal usb-stick (I don't know the exact english translation because my version is dutch).

This should solve the problem. The iPod Shuffle stays connected and you can do everyting with it.
Left by Jeroen on Nov 30, 2006 11:11 PM

# re: iPod Shuffle + iTunes 7.0.2 + Windows XP Professional x64 = Frustration
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music for ipop
Left by natalie on Sep 10, 2009 10:16 AM

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