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Title: Ship It! A Practical Guide to Sucessful Software Projects
Author(s): Jared Richardson, William Gwaltney Jr.
ISBN: 0-9745140-4-7
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
First printing: May 2005

Are you sick and tired of eating cold pizza trying to get that build out of the door? Are you trying of working the weekends instead of spending time with your family? Frustrated because the projects seems like it will be never finsiehd? If you answered yes to one of these questions then you should read "Ship It". This book shows you a set of practices that you can use to improve your team and get software out the door in time without any delays.

This book is written in the same style as The Pragmatic Programmer with 33 practices and 43 tips. Each practice starts with a small explanation followed by a paragraph on how to get started, a question list to check whether or not you are practicioning it correctly followed by warning signs.

It will show why developing in a sandbox is a good, why you souldn't work without a Continuous Integration system, why you should keep a To-Do list. There is a complete chapter dedicated to Tracer Bullet Development. Practices 16 till 33 handle common problems and how to fix them like "Customers Aren't Happy" and "There is no Automated Testing".

I would recommend this book to every developer whether you it is a developer, technical lead or an architect.


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