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Gabriel Lozano-Morán blog September 2006 Entries
More details on Microsoft's Zune
Microsoft today released more details on the Zune in a Press Release. Microsoft's multimedia player labelled Zune will be available on the US market starting from 14th November 2006, just in time for the holidays. For the sum of $249.99 you can be the proud owner of a Zune. No word whatsoever on when the Zune will be available in Europe and how much we Europeans would have to pay for it.You can read the press release here: ......

Posted On Thursday, September 28, 2006 2:15 PM

Download percentage woes in Windows XP
Take a look at the completed download percentages: Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 27, 2006 12:19 PM

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 - September CTP
I have noticed that while I was on holiday Microsoft released last Friday the September CTP of the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0. Here is the download link: the tech notes before installing this: Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 27, 2006 11:10 AM

Visual Studio .NET 2003 not supported on Windows Vista
Somasegar posted some details on his blog concerning Vista support for different versions of the Visual Studio IDE's. Remarkable is that Visual Studio .NET 2003 will NOT be supported on Windows Vista. If I had a "Weekly WTF" section on my blog this would definitely be the WTF of the week!Source: Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:44 AM

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta available
Somasegar announced on his blog the availability of the Beta of the first (?) Service Pack for Visual Studio 2005 which can be download from the Microsoft Connect web site if you get in the Beta program. The Beta program runs until the last day of October 2006 so let's hope that the SP1 RTM will be available by the end of 2006.http://connect.microso... Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:42 AM

ReSharper EAP 263/2.0.2 RC available for download
It has been a while since my last blog post but I have been away for holidays to the lovely Andalucía in Spain. While I was gone there were 2 ReSharper EAP releases of which EAP Build 263 is an important one because it contains a lot of bugfixes. So many that the guys behind ReSharper decided to make it available to all ReSharper Licensees. Therefore EAP Build 263 is the RC for ReSharper v2.0.2. You can download the build from the ReSharper EAP Download page. Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:27 AM

Microsoft announces (officially) Zune
Microsoft has today announced officially their portable multimedia player named Zune. A while ago I already posted a picture and said that I really don't hope that this is how the final product would look like. Unfortunately it was! Anyway I don't like the design, it looks like a cheap rip-off of the iPod. I must admit that if I am looking for a portable player I prefer the looks over the features, with other words I don't give a damn about the features, the Zune is just ugly especially ......

Posted On Thursday, September 14, 2006 4:41 PM

2007 Microsoft Office system Beta 2 Technical Refresh
Microsoft has released today, as promised, the Technical Refresh for the Second Beta of the Microsoft Office System 2007. You can download the bits here: Harris blogged yesterday about the changes. You can read the post here: Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado ......

Posted On Thursday, September 14, 2006 4:29 PM

ASP.NET 1.1/2.0 Page Life Cycle diagram

I was looking for a nice diagram I could print showing the ASP.NET Page Life Cycle and I found on Google a diagram drawn by Léon Andrianarivony:

(Click on the image for a larger version)

Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado

Posted On Wednesday, September 13, 2006 11:12 AM

Windows XP PowerToys and Add-ins Url

In case you are looking for the Windows XP PowerToys like I was (looking for TweakUI) here is the url:


Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado

Posted On Wednesday, September 13, 2006 6:52 AM

New CEO Ford Motor Company can earn up to $34,000,000 his first year!
Has the world gone mad?? Ford Motor Company has lost billions of dollars and there will be some major cutbacks in North-Amerika with a lot of social drama's as a consequence. In the meanwhile the new CEO Alan Mulally will get a yearly salary of $2,000,000. Het gets $7,500,000 just for signing his contract and another $11,000,000 in shares. This means that in his first year as a CEO he can earn up to $34,000,000!!!!I guess that this is worth a OH MY F*CKING GOD!!! Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado ......

Posted On Sunday, September 10, 2006 4:35 AM

ReSharper EAP Build 260 available for download
The team from JetBrains behind ReSharper have announced the availability of the next EAP build number 260. There are a lot of fixes concerning ASP.NET and several memory leaks issues were located and fixed.Here are the direct download links:ReSharper2.0-VS2003-b... Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado ......

Posted On Friday, September 8, 2006 12:07 PM

Windows Vista RC1 CPP launched
Microsoft has just launched the CPP (Customer Preview Program) for the first Release Candidate of Windows Vista. I'm not a fan but if you are you can download both the 32 as the 64-bit versions of Windows Vista RC1 here:http://download.window... recommend that you use a download manager. I have been using Internet Download Manager for a while and I am pretty happy about it. Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 6, 2006 5:29 PM

Another Microsoft hotshot leaves the firm
Brian Valentine, Senior Vice President, Windows Core Operating System Division left Microsoft to join the forces of Amazon. Brian was working for the vole since 1987. Now is this just my impression or are a lot of hotshot-Microsofties trying to seek out that greener grass across the street? I guess that more heads will roll once people start to realize what a disappointed Vista is or maybe my expectations and that of many others were set too high but then again it is not me who has been talking so ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 6, 2006 4:25 PM

The 419 scam aka the Nigerian scam
Today I have read in the newspaper that there is a new email scam floating around the internet. Apparently somebody pretends to be an American soldier that has some nukes and $25,000,000 in cash and needs to hide them. If you help him you can get 20% of the profits.These kinds of scam are called 419 scam/fraud or the Nigerian Scam. Because it is called the Nigerian scam this does not necessarely mean that those responsable for the scam are really Nigerians. It is called Nigerian scam because of the ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 6, 2006 11:00 AM

Expression Web (fka Expression Web Designer) Beta 1
Expression Web formerly known as Expression Web Designer has reached beta stage. First of all we have the rebranding, for some reason Microsoft found it better to rebrand to "Expression Web" which I personally find a very original name. Anyway I am satisfied that they have finally reached the beta stage. You can download it here: funny part is that the file name is WebDesigner.exe, ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 6, 2006 9:49 AM

Iron Python 1.0 released

Jim Huginin and his team are working on the Iron Python project for almost 3 years and today they made a great announcement. The first version of Iron Python has been released on CodePlex:

Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado

Posted On Wednesday, September 6, 2006 9:26 AM

NVidia ForceWare drivers for Windows Vista RC1

If you have installed Windows Vista RC1 and have a graphics card with a NVidia GPU you can download and install the ForceWare drivers here:

Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado

Posted On Wednesday, September 6, 2006 9:18 AM

Microsoft vs DRM hackers
Some hackers created a proggie to remove the DRM from audio files called FairUse4WM. Microsoft said that they have designed the IBX, which is the individualized blackbox component to DRM protect audio files, in such a way that allows Microsoft to easily update the component once hacked. So as promised it took Microsoft only 3 days to update the IBX and FairUse4WM was neutralized. It took the hackers another couple of days to work around this new IBX and release FairUse4WM v1.2. In Belgium we have ......

Posted On Monday, September 4, 2006 2:22 PM

VMware Workstation v5.5 + Windows Vista RC1 anyone?
Has anyone tried and succeeded in installing Windows Vista RC1 in VMware Workstation v5.5? I have tried several different combinations, choosing custom types, 384MB, 512MB, 1024MB RAM and so on but for some reason the installation stops at the screen with the progress bar on the bottom and the caption "Windows is loading files...": Sure I could just switch to Virtual PC or another virtualization software but if you have a VMware Workstation license you want this to work too in VMware Workstation ......

Posted On Monday, September 4, 2006 1:46 PM

New build of Windows Media player 10
The last couple of days there have been quite some Microsoft releases. Windows Vista RC1 is available on the Microsoft connect site and so is the first RC of the .NET Framework 3.0. Others reported that there is a second beta build of Windows Media player 11. Therefore I would like to let you know that Microsoft also released a new build of Windows Media Player 10. What the exact changes are in this new build? I have no idea, if you know please let me know. Cross-posted from The .NET Aficionado ......

Posted On Monday, September 4, 2006 12:38 AM

I am back alive and kicking (almost)
Last thursday morning I woke up at 5.30 AM and it felt like I was kicked in my groin by star player Ronaldinho. The pain was just unbearable so I took one Dafalgan and went back to bed in the hope that the pain would leave my body before my soul did. Unfortunately about 45 minutes later I woke up my girlfriend and ask her to get ready to take me to the Emergency Room of the local Hospital Sint-Maarten in Mechelen. We arrived at 6.45 AM and the pain was still not gone. After talking to the nurse and ......

Posted On Sunday, September 3, 2006 11:00 AM

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