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Finally, the long awaited IntelliSense arrived with the SQL Server Katmai. Not sure if it is because SQL 2008 is still in CTP, but the IntelliSense is nowhere near the RedGate's SQL Prompt. But if your evaluation of SQL Prompt has run out and you don't have a license, the SQL 2008 IntelliSense should be good enough for your day to day work with the query analyzer.

To see the IntelliSense and other cool IDE enhancements in action, download the SQL Server 2008 "Katmai" Feb 2008 CTP here. Here are a few screen shots of the IntelliSense.

Table/View list when you do a SELECT statement.


Variables defined in the current session are listed in Intelligence as well.


Built-in SQL functions


Automatic prompt for parameters and return type of functions.


Prompt for store procedures' parameters.


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It is nice feature
Btw, i see you desktop again :)
Left by Alexey Kucherenko on Apr 17, 2008 12:09 PM

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