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Deployment on Ubuntu server

removing a folder via powershell:
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force some_dir
Getting Started from git quickstart.
I have been working with Angular 2 for about 2 weeks, getting to understand the concepts and being relatively light on javascript it's been good. Typescript I am getting to know very well and it is required for doing the fun things that are there.

Recently received instructions on installing cli and after running and getting serious errors, the source mentioned I should be using ubuntu. Well that's not my OS of choice, so that data was deleted.

The CLI doesn't work well with powershell. So I did the quick start tutorial at and began coding with Code

VS Code is free from mirocoft
debug using developer tools in chrome or firebug in firefox

For deployment:  webpack
use this to start: pollyfill starter 

Copy the app folder contents to  the starter. replace that <my-app> selector in the app.component.ts file to merge the project.

in terminal:
test with npm install then npm start (verify app is working as desired).
in terminal:
npm run build 
this creates a build folder of your app.
For deployment, I recommend copying those files to the website along with the app folder because there are links to css and html that the app may need to run.

Notes to setup git repository:
git remote set-url origin<username>/<project>
git push -u origin master

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