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In this post I would like to share my experiences with the new communitar I found few days ago - next application I found with help of friend of mine Chris Koenig - called just Digsby. What this communicator is so special? I would like to explain this in next few lines of my post. However, at the begging let me back few years back and introduce some problems I had with my previous communicators.

Gadu Gadu

It is really simple application, but one serious bug I am ecountering is conctact list synchronization. I am using constantly 3 machines and I can't keep it updated. Probably I am doing something wrong, but in this case this task is to complicated to me and I bored asking each person I am chating with who you are.

MSN Messenger (Live Messenger) 

I love this communicator and I haven't found any lacks of functionality I need. The only problem is that my friends are not using it.


I really love this communicator, has got all functionality I need:

  • simple chat window with a lot of way to modify it and nice set of emoticons,
  • stores contacts on the server side, so my contacts list is all the time up to date,
  • enables voice conferences and calling to phones. Works pretty nice,
  • enable to make video conference with quality I need,

However, since few weeks I and my friends start ecounder serious problem with messages delivering. Please imagine such scenarios:

  1. I am online and my friend is not. When I send message that it will be delivered when we are both on-line.
  2. I am visible and my friend is not. Very often he is not able to deliver message to me
  3. When I have skype turn on on more than one machine, chat messages will be delivered to all skype instances

These problems makes my annoyed and I started looking for other communicator.

Accidentially I have found Digsby. That was so funny, beacuse I was reading blog of Chris Koenig (I love his post about communities) and I saw nice chat window on his blog web site. I decide to take a look and this is how I really like this communicator.


This application has three cool features I like:

  1. Enables integration with GMail - I love GMail and I cannot live without it.
  2. Integration with other communicators.
  3. Integration with email accounts.
  4. Maintaining the state on a server.

Let me describe specific items in more details.

GMail integration 

Whenever I received an email I am notified about it with nice window. Moreover, I am able to open thread with new message read it and close. All the time application is running in background and you can see the number of not readed messages - nice icon in tracebar is visible. What I like the most when you click this icon the threads preview appears and you can do some nice things: make the thread as readed, open, report as spam, delete or archive. This is really quick and useful.

Integration with other communicators

Digsby offers integration with a lot popular communicators like: AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber. The good thing is that all contacts and groups will remain and you can group a contacts in a diiferent way. This makes Digsby really powerfull communicator and you use your existing accounts.

Integration with email accounts

You can add almost any email account to Digsby and be notified about new emails. You can add following types of email account: GMail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, POP, IMAP, AOL/AIM Mail.

Maintaining the state on a server

The last good point is that Digsby is keeping your settings on a server. This makes you to create a Digsby account. Last thing I would like to mentioned is that when you would like to reset your Digsby password for security reasons yiu have to type all configured communicators passwords to have password reset.

That's all I would like to say about my brand new tool. If you have some thougths or you know other nice apps please let me know.


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