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This keynote is all about Windows 7 (the Vista that shoulda been) and new things from ScottGu's team. While yesterday was about the back-end infrastructure of the new cloud platform Azure from Microsoft, today's keynote focused on the front end of Microsoft. One funny question from Ray Ozzie was wondering what we would do at work all day if we didn't have a computer on our desk. Here are some random notes from the keynote.

"The PC will be more relevant in the next era." - Ray Ozzie

Today we barely have scratched the surface of how we can use the PC along with the Internet. We can do our customers a great service in focusing on how we can provide a combined value for their investments. We will be linking the PC/Web/Phone for end users.

Windows 7 demonstration - I like it. I like it. I like it.

Julie Larson-Green introduced it - VP Windows Experience.

There is a new taskbar - hovering over items shows thumbnails. You also have Jump Lists that give you check application changes and actions.

Dragging a window to the left snaps it to the left. Dragging another to the right will snap to the right for side-by-side comparisons. 

Windows Explorer in Windows 7 - new concept called Libraries. Can associate other drives and network places and windows explorer will act as if everything is in one place. It has an outstanding search capability for files.

They admitted that networking in Vista is tough - it is seamless in Windows 7. There is a new media player. You are able to play to any chosen device quickly and easily with a right click.

The device window shows all the actions you can do with the device.... very easy.

The system tray - was the notification tray. You have control over everything that is in the system tray. You also have control how to customize these notifications. You can choose how the notifications show messages and more.

HP Touch Smart - Under 2K USD. Things are spaced in menus 25% more than normal. Word and everything else is enabled with touch only in how you might use the mouse with it.

Paint has the ribbon - the ribbon is everywhere. WordPad has the Ribbon as well. The Ribbon is here to stay. One funny quote from the guys on stage is that every fifteen years they will update Paint.

New items for developers in Windows 7

  • Ribbon User Interface
  • Jump Lists
  • Libraries
  • Multi-touch, Ink, Speech
  • Direct X family - this brings the amazing power of graphics on the pc. Windows 7 extends direct x to 2d and text, etc. This is the modern view of GDI.

Fundamentals are the job of every Windows 7 developer on the Windows team. They are delivering on improved reliability and performance.

  • Reduce the footprint of Windows
  • Worked to reduce disk I/O
  • Reduce registry read, indexer
  • Reduce power consumption for DVD playback, panel, timers
  • Increase the speed - faster boot, device readiness
  • Increase responsiveness of the start menu, taskbar
  • Increase scale up to 256 processors

You are easily able to create VHDs and connect to VHDs with almost no work.

Connecting to a projector is simple now - hitting the Windows 7 Start key and the letter P together will bring up quick connect options including dual monitor connecting.

The Beta will be available early next year. You will be able to download the beta from the Microsoft site. These beta versions will include a feedback tool. This will capture everything you are doing including your comments. Microsoft is hardcore about looking at this data.

Scott Guthrie talk:

New Windows 7 APIs

  • Ribbon, Jump Lists, Libraries, Multi touch, Direct X, and more

Visual Studio 2010

  • IDE support for very large code bases
  • Multi-core applications

.NET 3.5 SP1 Improvements

  • Streamlined setup
  • Start up performance 45% increase
  • Graphics Improvements
  • DirectX/DirectTD Interoperability
  • More controls

Also built into Windows 7 - 3.5 SP1 will be there by default

New WPF Photo application will be given as an example soon by Microsoft- This application looked very cool. Gotta get that code!! Supports touch.

New Ribbon control for WPF.

WPF control for Tasks for the Jump Lists - nice

Announcing WPF toolkit -

  • DataGrid
  • DatePicker
  • Calendar
  • Ribbon
  • Visual State Manager

They will all be released this week. The Ribbon will be in Beta and will work with Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Windows Applications with .NET 4

  • WPF Improvements
  • Improved tooling with VS2010
  • Can load CLR 2.0 and CLR 4.0 in the same process space
  • In-Process side by side support
  • Managed/Native code interoperability
  • Dynamic language support
  • Extensible component model - can easily extend applications from extensions

VS2010 - container will be built using WPF

  • Will be used to support new features - like multi-monitor support
  • Much richer code visualizations
  • Much more possible for developers to extend VS themselves

VS2010 Extensibility

IE 8 Improvements

  • Improved standards
  • web slices, visual search, accelerators
  • built in developer tools

jQuery support in VS 2008 - today you can download the VS add in for jQuery intelliense support - from the jquery website

ASP.NET 4.0 improvements

  • Web forms - being able to control the client id etc
  • MVC
  • Ajax
  • Distributed caching - Velocity - CTP will be distributed this week

Visual Studio 2010 for web development

  • Code focused improvements
  • JavaScript / Ajax tooling
  • Design View CSS2 support
  • Publishing and deployments

Web.Staging.config --- you can have these all in your project and the correct one will be used.

Silverlight 2.0 is now out

  • Installed on 1 in 4 machines
  • 100,000,000 machines have this release
  • Very powerful release
  • .NET can be run in the browser and you are able to build things you could have never built before
  • The Olympics site had 55,000,000 unique visitors

IIS Smooth Streaming - available now - you can do your own streaming.

Netflix just turned on their instant watch today with Silverlight.

Annoucing the Silverlight toolkit

  • Charting
  • TreeView
  • DockPanel
  • WrapPanel
  • ViewBox
  • Expander
  • AutoComplete
  • NumericUpDown
  • And more...

Controls are free - you get full access to the source code and you can include them in your solutions.

Silverlight designer will be in VS2010 - WSIWYG designer.

Next year will be another major release of Silverlight. You will be able to run Silverlight in the browser as well as outside the browser.

David Treadwell - Live Services is next

The Live Mesh Framework is outstanding - I'll blog more on that later.

You can download the CTP at

On a side note - it is interesting to see how Microsoft has completely changed their executive presentations. Before it was long lists of bulleted items (text). But now, they have taken a note out of the Apple playbook (our industries design experts) and are going for darker backgrounds and simpler messages. The PPT should never be just a list of talking points - but instead be a message to validate your talking points. This was a very very nice change to the presentations.

PDC 2008 OCT 079

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