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Hey everyone,

I know it’s been an eternity since I blogged but I have so much to do that I unfortunately need to prioritize.  Vincent Grondin and I did a 7h presentation on the new developer and tester tools available in the VS 2010 suite.  It was a blast.  We did it in front of an audience (around 120) and it was taped.  We did it as a play and really didn’t look at the crowd at all we were training each other on the technology.

It is now available for anyone that would like to watch it at this location:

What we covered in the full day event was

Migration to TFS 2010 (10h00)

1-Migration of VSS to TFS (20 min.)

2-Automating the Build (Something you can't do with VSS) ( 20 Min.)

3-User story (Real application context for this presentation) (20 min.)

10h00 Pause

Manuel Tests by Dev ( 11h30)

4-Adding a tester to the team (Into to MTM) (20 min.)

5-Define tests (what is a white bug) (20 min.)

6-Fix the bug and show Intellitrace and Play back the test (20 min.)

12h15 Lunch

Manuel testing for maintenance (13h30)

7- Implement new Feature (web service) and Identify bug with MTM and branch for a production fix and also add a new Build script (20 min.)

8- Fix bug in production branch, Playback tests, merge the change in main branch (20 min.)

Manuel testing with the lab manager (14h30)

9- Intro to Lab manager and environment (20 min.)

10- Change build script to deploy to lab and test with web service in lab environment. (20 min.)

15h15 Pause

Automate UI test with CodeUI (15h30)

11- Reducing the effort of testing the UI (20 min.)

12- Repeating testing to make sure the application is working properly (20 min.)

13- Automate Coded UI with the Lab environment (20 min.)

16h30 Conclusions

As you can see lots of stuff!!

Enjoy the show and let us know how you like it



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