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Well it's been a while since I've last posted, I'm in my eyeballs with stuff to do.  We have finally released our internal Team Build offering and I will hopefully soon start my series of post on Team Build.  We have just bought a house so getting everything ready running around to see what we need to do, mortgage, boxes, phone numbers, address changes... you know what I mean. 

I'm preparing my presentations for the fall, I'll be a panelist on the "Ignite your career" Webcast series offered by MSDN Canada, I'll be in the 4th one, "Becoming your own boss" and in case you are wondering, no I'm not leaving my job at EDS, I'll be representing the Enterprise developer/architect were Derek and Steven will talk about the intricacies of being your own boss.  Check it out I'm sure it will be fun.  I'm also giving a talk at our upcoming Montreal Code Camp on the top 10 new things in VSTS and TFS 2008.  Then I'm flying over to Vancouver to give 3 talks at DevTeach in November.  I then move in my new house... crazy spring coming up.

While I'm at it, I've been with VSTS/TFS 2008 (in preparation for my talks) and I have to say a lot of the little things that really get in the way of smooth working have been ironed out quite nicely, for example the Offline experience was very sub-par in 2005 (not to say dismal ;-)) but in 2008 they have smoothed the workflow very nicely it will make for a much nicer experience.  There are so many little things, come see me at DevTeach or at the Montreal Code Camp where I'll demo a lot of them.

Brian just announce the immediate availability of the TFSWA for 2008.  I just installed it and it looks good.  I haven't really pushed it yet so I might come back it I find anything to say about it.  There is also a new Clearcase to TFS Migration toolkit released, some TFS 2008 B2 hotfixes


Time flies when you're having fun... ;-)




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