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Well we now know who the winners are ... visit for all the news and winners in all the categories.  Canada took 3rd place in the photography Competition Go Canada!!

For my finals the Software Design Invitational it was an excellent competition and the results are as follows

3rd place: Jamaica

Imagine Cup 2007 219

Second Place: Korea!! but they left the stage to fast for picture since the press wanted them.

First Place: Thailand!!!

Imagine Cup 2007 221

The winners to the British Telecom Image Cup Innovation Accelerator teams are the first 3 + Ireland, Poland and Mexico you can see them here.

Imagine Cup 2007 225

Well tonight is the farewell party and most people will be heading out tomorrow, it was an extremely exhilarating experience to be here.  I am humbled and taken aback by the ingenuity of those students.  I'm sure a lot of them will go very far.  I went walking around this morning at the team showcase where the teams showed their project to the press and other VIPs and I had a lot of good discussions with the students, they really want opinion and feedback on their project and where very happy when I listened and gave them pointers and things to look into to make their product better.

It's been very cool and I really hope to be invited again to judge next year in Paris.  

Well this is ET signing off from the Imagine Cup 2007 in Seoul Korea.  




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