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Wow.... wow!

What an experience.  I saw 22 presentations in round 1 and round 2... 22 presentations in 2 days from students that are so impressive I can't even describe here how impressed I am with them.  They presented to small 4-10 people audience including us 4 judges for 20 min with 10 min of Q&A.  Nope of them cracked.  None of them showed nervousness (although I talked to a few teams after and they where extremely nervous obviously but they didn't show it) and all where amazing. 

A lot of applications where using Silverlight, WPF, WCF, the .net 3.5... a lot of this stuff I barely use myself for lack of time to learn and those students not only learned it but where using them to create very innovative UI.  A funny story I heard from a team that was using Silverlight in their project was that the Alpha expired last Thursday and the new version wanted to download most team downloaded and installed but their app broke (due to incompatible interfaces no doubt but also due to the fact you need VS 2008 B2 to use the 1.1 alpha refresh) so they where all scrambling to get their project to work while coming here.  Their solution move back the clock in order to do the demo ;-).  Very clever and effective and they go their stuff working.

It's been amazing to be a judge and to see all those projects.  I made sure I questioned every team about some aspect of their project and I'm sure they appreciated the interest some of them have worked 8 months or more on these projects and are really anxious to get feedback from industry specialist list us.

The second round is now over and the finalist will be announced tomorrow at a dinner with the mayor of Seoul.  I'm having a great time here and it will be fun to see the finalist's presentations.  We (the judges) are not judging the final six, it will be VIP judges that will do the honors. 

I try to talk to as much students as possible and give them feedback on their ideas and how they could improve on their design and it's very gratifying for them when we show interest in their project.  Friday morning there is a technology showcase and I think I'll go around dishing out wisdom ;-).

The organization is great here.  We have good food and great hosts (the Koreans).  Tomorrow is a sightseeing tour of Seoul and I'll be talking a lot of pictures... Stay tuned.  I'm beat so I'm off to bed.


oh and did I mention... WOW! those kids are amazing!

Cheers from Seoul,


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