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Brian Harry a technical fellow
Well I can't pass on this news. Knowing Brian a bit by talking with him and having great discussions with him in the last 4 years, he is probably trying to keep this as low profile as possible ;-). Willy already blog it here, and Anutthara broke the news. Brian, let me tell you that as humble as you are, you TOTALLY deserve this well earned title. Check out Anutthara's blog entry for and explanation of what a technical fellow is. Congratulation Brian and keep up the great work on TFS. Cheers, ET ......

Posted On Friday, August 17, 2007 6:31 AM

Route to Seoul (part 7)
Well we now know who the winners are ... visit for all the news and winners in all the categories. Canada took 3rd place in the photography Competition Go Canada!! For my finals the Software Design Invitational it was an excellent competition and the results are as follows 3rd place: Jamaica Second Place: Korea!! but they left the stage to fast for picture since the press wanted them. First Place: Thailand!!! The winners to the British Telecom Image Cup ......

Posted On Thursday, August 9, 2007 8:26 PM

Route to Seoul (part 6)
Well as promised here are a few pictures of Seoul in the rain. I hope the sun will be back before I leave so I can take a few pictures with sunlight in them ;-). But before the pictures, Day 4 just finished and we saw the presentations from the 6 finalists (see my previous post for pictures). They where all extremely good considering there was 500 people in the room in front of them and 4 VIP judges from the UNESCO, British Telecom, Academia amongst others. I don't know I could have performed that ......

Posted On Thursday, August 9, 2007 4:33 AM

Route to Seoul (part 5)
So the finalist have been announced: Austria, Ireland, Korea, Thailand, Jamaica, Serbia. Good luck to all of you. I'll post picture of my visit to Seoul (in the rain) later today. Update: Here is a picture of all the finalist in action (I don't have the Irish I'm sorry). Cheers, ET Technorati Tags: Imagine Cup ......

Posted On Wednesday, August 8, 2007 1:21 PM

Route to Seoul (part 4)
Wow.... wow! What an experience. I saw 22 presentations in round 1 and round 2... 22 presentations in 2 days from students that are so impressive I can't even describe here how impressed I am with them. They presented to small 4-10 people audience including us 4 judges for 20 min with 10 min of Q&A. Nope of them cracked. None of them showed nervousness (although I talked to a few teams after and they where extremely nervous obviously but they didn't show it) and all where amazing. A lot of applications ......

Posted On Tuesday, August 7, 2007 2:55 AM

Route to Seoul (part 3)
I just got up (6:30am) here in Seoul, yesterday was a recuperation day, I meet many people and talked about the event and what my responsibility as a judge will be. We have a briefing this morning around 9am to go over all of that then we are introduced to the teams. I'm getting really nervous to introduce myself to 500 people including media that will be a really unforgettable experience I think. After that the competition starts and we will see teams from 2pm to 8pm for 30 min presentations. Tomorrow ......

Posted On Sunday, August 5, 2007 10:31 AM

Route to Seoul (part 2)
여보세요! I made it to Seoul, after 29h in planes, buses and automobiles in four different airports I reached my destination. I was fairly lucky considering I got no delays along the way and made it on schedule here. I just got out of bed (12h later) I was so beat I needed a good rest. Here is a picture from my hotel window, it's a little gray here today (but hot and muggy at 27C) I'm going to go see the organizer and try to get a schedule of activities. Maybe I'll go have a little stroll around the ......

Posted On Saturday, August 4, 2007 2:58 PM

Route to Seoul (part 1)
So I'm en route to Seoul through Chicago. If you recall I'm going to the Imagine Cup 2007 as a Software Design Judge. That will be awesome and after a 24h journey I will get there. Montreal -> Chicago (2h) + Layover (3h) Chicago -> Tokyo (13h) + 1day + Layover (2h) Tokyo -> Seoul (2.5h) + Bus ride to hotel (1.5h) = 24h Meeting the finalist and hooking with new friend = priceless I'll be talking lots of picture and posting them on flickr so don't worry. oh and as a side note, don't break ......

Posted On Friday, August 3, 2007 4:04 AM

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