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So I'm still working hard on the build series, I'm up to a 26 page document right now just showing how to create a build ;-).  But there are just so much new stuff happening that I'm going to skip to that and go back to document after.

The whole Team System stack has been renamed check out Rob Caron's blog entry here for all the names.  Essentially Visual Studio Team System 2008 - product name.

Next I'm featured here on the Canadian Developer Blog there is a short questionnaire I answered about myself ... go check it out ;-).

Beta 2 of VSTS 2008 is ready and downloadable here it's fresh out of the press so go and grab it.

I'm leaving in a week an a half for the finals of the ImageCup.  I can't wait that'll be very cool to see all those project and the hard work that those student have poured into them.

A CTP of the next version of Visual Studio (the one after 2008 ;-)) has been signed off and will be available to download as a Virtual Machine very soon also.

Silverlight 1.0 is also about to be shipped on the web.  If you are into web animation and JavaScript stay tuned for the release if you prefer to stick with the .net framework then version 1.1 is still in Alpha but we can do much more stuff under the cover.

I'm sure with the release of Beta 2 of Visual Studio a lot more technology will be 'refreshed' to work with that build.  According to all account it's a near feature complete build.  I will be testing both TFS and VS B2 in the next few months and will post back on the highs and lows of beta testing also.


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