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My Office and SharePoint integration keeps breaking, causing my browser to crash every time I open an office document through SharePoint v2.   I suspect a patch or something related to Office 2003 was recently installed on my machine. 

I'm posting my SharePoint/Office Integration fix here, so that I'm prepared the next time it breaks. :)


Unfortunately MSFT's out of the box resolution from the KB article didn't help ( However, I didn't find a resolution to my problem as follows...

I had the same problem and found that I still had an Office10 folder on my system even though I am now using Office 2003. The Office10 folder contained owssupp.dll while the Office11 folder did not, so I copied the file. With the same version of owssupp.dll in both of my Office folders, I can now edit documents in WSS libraries.

 If this doesn't work for you, a workaround is to check out the document and eitheer open it in Explorer view or right click and download (save as) the document.

Once I copied the owssupp.dll to each office folder (10, 11, 12 for me), then it worked. :) Posted on Monday, August 25, 2008 2:27 AM Technology | Back to top

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