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We have installed and configured TFS, we have connected to it using Visual Studio.  Now it is time to get a project created.

From Team Explorer, we will right click on the servername\Collection item in the tree to select New Team Project.


Once selected, this will open the New Team Project dialog.  Provide a name, then click Next.

image  The next step is to select a Project Template.  By default you will have 2 available (but there are many downloadable options).  It is important to understand what the templates bring and what options we will live with in the Lifecycle Management option we select. Once selected, click Next.



Now we are at the point to specify where our code will be collected, Source Code settings part of the wizard.  Since we are starting new, we will select an empty folder. Click Next.


Next we get a Summary view of the options selected. Click Finish.


Once the template is downloaded, applied and our choices processed, we have completed the project creation.

image  This should be our final product …


Posted on Monday, May 17, 2010 8:46 PM TFS , Visual Studio | Back to top

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