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While having my first steps towards learning WiX v.3, The first step was to read some of the tutorials over here, then after downloading the samples I started exploring them to learn more. In my very first sample (named SampleWebDir) almost the simplest one although I had some troubles because the samples were built using the WiX v2 while I am trying to build it using v3. Simple changes had to be done inorder to make it built:
  1. Change the Wix Schema from
    to xmlns=''
  2. Add Reference to the WixIIsExtension dll
  3. Now inlcude the IIS namespace within the wxs file to be as :
    <wix xmlns="" xmlns:iis="">
  4. Prefix the web elements with the iis: to be like this
  5. To remove warnings:
    • Add an Upgrade Code to the Product element
    • Remove the LongName key/value in the File Element is now depreacted.
    • Remove the Package Id is has been deprecated.
  6. To remove all the localization errors put assigned a culture to the project (right click the project node)>>(Properties)>>(Linker tab)>>(put the Culture as: en-US)for example.
Note:The steps up there are when using votive on visual studio and were tested on windows vista running iis7. Posted on Thursday, July 26, 2007 1:24 PM WiX | Back to top

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