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You know, it’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

I just received your typical “we need an agent to receive payments and then keep some of the money and send us the rest” type of phishing email.  To qualify, I need a bank account – check, a credit card – check, check my email at least three times per day – double-check.

In the F.A.Q section question number one is:

Do I pay any tax? This is not your income and bank will know that, we pay fee for this activity to every Australian Bank.

Sweet, tax free money, but wait…just above there you said:

Pay on Payment processed which will be your wage for work done then and send the balance to any of our offices/location through means Money Gram/Western Union.

It would seem that they define wage differently in Australia.

Funds you receive from our customers in Australian dollars ( AUD ) through a direct deposit/credit card, you will simply cash/withdraw the payments at the bank thereafter transfer it to any of our branch office that will be made known to you via Money Gram/Western Union transfer pending when we have a suitable account here because clearing these funds here takes longer time and 25% is deducted from it at the bank, this is bad for business so we rocked that getting an individual in Australia  to work for us as our Representative would be the best choice.

Damn.  I was so close to qualifying.  You see, I’m in Ontario Canada.  They only missed by two hemispheres and roughly 10,000 miles.

At this point, it’s not even the phishers and the spammers that I want to die in a fire just stop it already.  It’s all of the idiots that respond to this crap and make it profitable for them.


Just because I can…

posted on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 10:40 AM