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I have signed on as the Editor in Chief of the .NET queue at  InfoQ (information queue) is a new online community that is currently un-launched (Beta is so played) InfoQ is focussed on change and innovation in enterprise software development.  InfoQ is being published by C4Media, a company founded by creator and EJB Design Patterns author Floyd Marinescu, Roxanne Beverstein, and Webwork committer Alex Popescu. 

InfoQ is different from other sites such as The ServerSide in that more than a single community is represented there.  The site has extensive profile capabilities so that you can customize your view to only the subjects that interest you.  These settings also carry over into the RSS feed.  No need to subscribe to multiple feeds on the same site.  Set your preferences and they are then reflected in your subscription.  Easy.

You can contact me at infoq AT totzke DOT ca if you have an idea for an article you'd like to publish or if you have some news that you'd like us to report.

Please spread the word about InfoQ to help drive awareness of the site and our official "UnLaunch".  Try out the site and it's personalization features and let us know what you think.

Just because I can...


posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 6:02 AM