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December 2005 Entries

Over on MSDN Coding4Fun there is an article on beginning DirectX development and they use the old (circa 1980) arcade game Battlezone as the basis for the game. In its time, Battlezone pushed the limits of 3D graphical processing. So much so that the environment was rendered in wire-frame. It is generally considered the first true virtual reality game. These days, you could run it on your phone. Now, the sample tutorial suggests you use C# Express which targets the 2.0 Framework but they use the ......

Or are we too quick to blame GPS and the mapping service? Blindly following the path the computer has laid before you is not entirely a wise thing to do. This is proved true by a couple on holiday in New Zealand when the GPS system in their rental car led them on a 10 hour journey through a mountain pass barely suitable for goats. Rainbow Station manager David McEwen said the road could best be described as "a shingle goat track". "To say they're following their GPS quite frankly doesn't wash with ......


I have a hard enough time keeping up with the inundation of email in real time let alone messages arriving from the future.


Just because I can...

I usually just ignore all of the SPAM that comes through my InBox but for some reason this one caught my eye. It's the typical phishing email where some jerk tries to get your username and password for something like Amazon or eBay or whatever. We all know how they display what looks like a perfectly legitimate URL with an underlying link to a place that then steals the information you enter. So, here's the link in the email that caught my eye: ......