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It's the little things that matter.  Comments like the following make it all worthwhile.

re: HOWTO:  Programmatically Accessing Web Content using Basic Authentication

I was banging my head with credential last 2 days. You saved my time. Thanks a lot! keep it up buddy.

You are very welcome Aibo.  Thank you for the kind words.

Of course, there's also the kind of love that makes you feel dirty <shudder>

re: HOWTO: Print to a USB Printer from DOS in Windows XP

Hi, thanks so much for this great tip, and have followed the instructions above and found a few things.
*Unable to set loopback IP address (properties greyed out)
*when I set printer processor to text, nothing will print at all ;(  printer is an HP 1020.
*I setup the net mapping to LPT1 it works fine and it says the jobs are printing, but nothing comes out of the printer.

Any ideas?

Thanks, sm

S & M.  Perfect initials.  Any ideas?  Ya, one.  FREAKIN' UPGRADE ALREADY!!

I wrote this to document it for myself and to share a little piece of that particular level of hell with my fans.  OK.  Fan. OK.  Hi Mom.

I never really thought that anybody would read it. 

To date, more than 16,750 people have. 

Since March. 

Of this year.


Just because I can...


posted on Tuesday, September 20, 2005 8:49 PM