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How hard can it be?  Seriously.  I write stuff.  You read the stuff.  You do what the stuff tells you to do.  I give you the evil that is GMail.

Jason responds:

“Don't you mean mammarian protuberances?  A mammalian protuberance could be an elephant trunk or moose antlers. I don't think you want pictures of those. I'll refrain from listing more; that would just be silly. “

Silly, and annoying.  No, I do not mean “mammarian“ because then it wouldn't be an obscure reference to a musical artist; who has yet to be identified by the way.


“plz send me the evil that is GMail invitation at “

WTF?  Go back and read. 

“Courtney“ writes:

“I may be too late, but crap, I'm obsequious, purple and clairvoyant with the best of them, and I'm KNOWN for my nice rack.   Okay not really, but it is nice. “

Now, “Courtney“ has gotten somewhat into the spirit of what we are trying to accomplish here but hasn't followed through.  Admittedly, this is partially my fault for not including instructions for where to send pictures of your nice rack.  Of course, this is Totzke's blog and I always sign my posts with Dave so one could make the assumption that my the evil that is GMail address is or and on the second guess you'd be correct. 

I am somewhat suspicious of “Courtney“ as she linked to this site and not only is that person's name “Lysandra“ but she also says things like “having people to worship with and pray with and just have a fun...” which would seem to be at odds with the whole being “KNOWN“ for her nice rack stuff.  Unless, of course, she's a “Catholic Girl” (another clue).  Lysandra does look remarkably like Courtney Cox - so for now I shall give her the benefit of the doubt.

So “Courtney” - if that is your real name - the world awaits the truth.  Please send a picture of your rack to me.  I won't post it anywhere.  It's just to satisfy the rules of the contest.  My hands are tied.

Just because I can...

posted on Sunday, September 19, 2004 12:59 AM


# re: Read People! 9/22/2004 10:48 PM Courtney...I mean Lysandra....oo
oh honey. of course the rack thing was bluff, c'mon now, I'm a girl with an agenda. LOL although, just because I "worship and pray" doesn't mean I can't have a nice rack. But I'm not Catholic, no sir.

Lysandra is just a screen name, ya geek. I'll take the Courtney Cox remark as a compliment though, I suppose. I'm glad you had suspicions about me actually, you shoudn't trust people on the internet. ;-)

# re: Read People! 9/23/2004 8:28 PM matt cassell
Only you would think of something like this!

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