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After listening to a few conversations and a discussion I had with a recruiter today, I can’t help but wonder if client-side scripting will be the hot topic of choice for this year. I know it has been around since early versions of web browsers, but let me explain.

If you’ve been watching Google, you know that they have released several new projects that go beyond simple web applications. Notably, there was Gmail. If you haven’t already heard, Gmail is Google’s free e-mail service that people have been raving about. There is also a new Google Suggest service that was released to the web a few weeks ago.

Both of these services from Google use client-side javascript to enable a rich user experience. It’s nothing new – Microsoft has a great rich user experience in Outlook Web Access, the web browser interface to Exchange e-mail. However, Google is getting more attention than other services for the simplicity, yet richness of their approach.

Enter this new competition between Google and Microsoft (ie. the new desktop search race) and you have many alert business people looking at Google to see what they are doing. And wow, does Google have a lot of momentum these days. First, it was the IPO, then all these product releases and now all I hear about is the great 60 minutes interview that aired the past week or so.

As people begin to emulate what Google is doing, I think they will see that rich user experience within the web browser as the key advantage. How will they go about implementing that experience? Either client-side javascript or Macromedia Flash. Which explains why the recruiter told me she was getting a surprising increase in requests for Flash development/scripting experience.

It will be interesting to see how ASP.NET applications fit into this revitalized world of client-side javascript. If you are vendor of rich web controls, this is your year.

I didn’t expect to be so excited about it, but now I’m really looking forward to Steve Caravajal’s (MAX Training) session on client-side scripting at the Day of .NET.

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