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So the release of WP7 devices is drawing closer and closer and lots of my friends are know asking me about what I know that is new. I just can’t wait for the release and I like telling them what I find out when I can.

So here’s the good stuff… coming on October 11th is an expected launch party in New York from Microsoft in order to mark the coming of these phones. Hopefully this will be streamed over the web. Its then expected to see phones released in Europe starting on October 21st.

Here in the Dallas area I’ve signed up for a WP7 Launch day event on October 20th and sadly I missed out on the day 2 lab signup sessions. So perhaps we’ll see US release information coming very soon.

The phones will be available on GSM networks to start with and that goes along with what is available in Europe. Still no word on the exact launch dates for North America though, but it looks like sometime in November at least, but only on AT&T and T-Mobile on those GSM networks.

That leaves Verizon and Sprint users to sit and wait out on, if and when their networks will decide to pick up WP7 devices on their CDMA networks. This also hinges on if Microsoft will have CDMA ready for WP7 in 2011. I for one don’t plan on waiting around and will look at moving more and likely over to AT&T.

So lets take a look now and some leaked commercials from Microsoft and thanks to WMPoweruser for snagging these and posting them up on YouTube. I have to say, I really enjoy their funny approach in marketing these and hope to see them show up on the TVs soon.

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As Charles Barkley would say, "That's just turrrible". Marketing a phone that you want to use *less*?? I get the rude behavior meme, but people that plunk down the big bucks for these smart phones are the ones in line, not the ones they're p---'ing off?
Left by BigJim on Sep 27, 2010 12:42 PM

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While I was browsing some Sacramento classifieds I found some WP7 ads and I remember that I read this but never commented on it. I can't wait for the phone to be released. Personally I hate Apple and more and more people are starting to see that they are not so powerful as they think!
Left by Sacramento classifieds on Jan 31, 2012 11:34 AM

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