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CFL 2009 Season Starts Wednesday – Know the New Rules

Sunday, June 28, 2009 11:10 PM

This Wednesday isn’t just Canada Day, its also the start of the 2009 CFL season!

This year there are four rule changes that look to make the game more entertaining for us fans:

After a safety, kickoffs happen from the 25 yard line, not the 35 yard line.

For many teams, it makes more sense to just give up the 2 points if they’re backed up to their endzone and are facing a punting situation. The idea being that they’d rather save the field position and give up the 2 points. By moving the ball back 10 yards, this is supposed to encourage teams to punt rather than take the safety in those situations.

Wildcats are Go!

This year teams will be able to utilize the wildcat formation. Normally QB’s are required to be under centre or behind centre, but this rule change removes that.

Pointing out bad ref’s earns you more opportunities to do so.

So let’s say that you, as a coach, spend both of your challenges and are successful in both. Under a new rule, you’ll now be rewarded with a third challenge for pointing out how futile the referees are!

No scrimmage option after a field goal.

Previously, after a team kicked a field goal, their opponents had the option of receiving the kick off or scrimmaging from their 35 yard line. No more! Fans wanted more kick returns, so in 2009 the option to scrimmage has been removed. Now after a field goal, the scoring team *must* kick off to their opponents.

I’m looking forward to seeing how these rule changes impact the on-field product. Can’t wait for Wednesday!



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