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DevTeach Day Threefour

Saturday, June 13, 2009 5:12 PM

No, I didn’t mean “Three and four”. Saying “Days Three and Four” would suggest there was some amount of time in between that consisted of sleeping that would serve to separate the two days. I mentioned in my last post that the adventure would continue and so it did!

Thursday had me lined up for two talks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I slept in on this day, letting myself get up at 8:00 to do last minute tweaks to the presentation. 4.5 hours sleep is a treat at DevTeach.

After the conference concluded a group of us headed to Gastown for dinner. Blythe from SQL PASS and her roommate joined us as well…as did some guy in a green shirt (actually part of a different table, but he fits in well).


Oren was quite happy with the color of his blue drink.


After dinner we made our way back to the hotel to regroup and plan for the rest of the night. On our way, we stopped to admire local tourist attractions like this steam-powered clock in Gastown:

(You should have seen the people waiting for the top of the hour when the clock “whistles”…they didn’t seem impressed)

So sitting in the Yew, we hatched the next phase of the evening: We’d head to a nightclub recommended by someone. So off we went, probably about 8 blocks or so. When we got to the bar, our group decided that maybe this just wasn’t the right social atmosphere for us.


So we headed to Granville and eventually found ourselves in line at The Roxy. Now I don’t know what type of reputation The Roxy has in Vancouver, but I thought it was a pretty kewl bar/dance/rock club. They had canned music playing, but also featured a live band that played a wide range of songs and genres. We shut the place down and left there at 3AM. Our group walked/stumbled down the block to the same pizzeria that we hit the night before. In one of the only pics I took that night, I realized how amazing my hair still was at 3 AM and had to take a pic of it. Don’t get too distracted by the awkward streaks on the mirror (how did I *not* notice that?!)…


So after leaving the ‘zaria we hoofed it back to the hotel, our night of socializing over…or WAS IT?!

Somewhere along the way it was brought up that one of our party members had upgraded to a suite, and so we made the decision to go hang out in his room for a bit. We hung out until about 5AM or so, watching as the Vancouver skyline slowly got brighter. At that point, a subset of our group decided to hit up Denny’s for breakfast. By the time we all returned to the hotel it was 7AM.

I was going to stick around for Alt.NET, but I was honestly too burnt out from the week and the thought of coming home late Sunday and to work first thing Monday just did not seem appealing. So I flew home Friday afternoon.

And so concludes another amazingly successful DevTeach conference. From what I hear, Alt.NET is going great and there are even more stories surfacing from Friday (what *did* Oren get tattooed on his arm?)



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